Mrs. Frances Bennett House - Table of Contents

2008/2013 photos
Exterior - Mrs. Frances Bennett House
51 Symphony Circle, Buffalo, NY


Original owner:
Mrs. Ira S. Bennett, newly widowed as her husband, Ira S. (a Tonawanda lumberman) had passed away on Feb. 27, 1881. The Bennetts' former residence was 214 Swan Street, a neighborhood that was the height of fashion in the 1830s and 1840s. Source:  "2010 Secrets of Allentown Tour Brochure," sponsored by the Allentown Association  (online May 2013)


Franklin W. Caulkins


Queen Anne


Allentown Historic District

Other Symphony Circle buildings:

Buffalo as an Architectural Museum - Symphony Circle

Spring 2013 photos

Spring 2013 photos

2008 photos
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Symphony Circle

Queen Anne style

Medina sandstone sidewalk

Second floor sleeping porch

Eastlake gable window

Second floor sleeping porch ... First floor porch

First floor porch

Eastlake ornamentation

Second floor sleeping porch

Brick corbel table under cornice

Symphony Circle - Kleinhans Music Hall

Special thanks to owner-contractor Michael Wachowicz for his cooperation and Realtor Marlana White for her assistance in June 2008.
Photos and their arrangement 2008 Chuck LaChiusa
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