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2002 Photos
Second floor - George Barton House

Darwin D. Martin House Complex
118 Summit Avenue, Buffalo, N.Y.

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2002 photo.
Stairway art glass (Wright's term for stained glass) window

2002 photo.
Top of stairway (detail below:)

2002 photo.
Note lamp (detailed below:)

2002 photo.
Wright-designed lamp pictured in previous two photos

2002 photo.
Bedroom brass wall sconce with milk glass  ...    All the bedroom wall fixtures have milk glass instead of the iridescent glass on first floor

2002 photo.
Kitchen cabinet temporarily stored in a bedroom

2002 photo.
Mrs. Martin's sewing machine   ... Since she was visually impaired, she probably used this very little

2002 photo.
View through window of Verandah replacement roof terra cotta tiles imported from France

Special thanks to Margie Stehlik, Director of Volunteers for the Martin Complex, for her cooperation and patience in 2002.
Photographs taken by Chuck LaChiusa
Photos 2018 Martin House Restoration Corporation

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