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Larkin Administration Building Model
Larkin Center of Commerce

Former Larkin Company “B, C, D, D Annex, E, F, G, H, J, K, N, O” Building
701 Seneca Street, Buffalo NY

Larkin Center of Commerce -  Official Website (online June 2018)

Lobby display   ...   Part of the Larkin Gallery   ...   Mural is an enlarged postcard   ...

"You'll notice the postcard reproduction on the wall behind the model shows a wall to the East of the building along the Annex. That never existed as far as I know, certainly not when the building was first completed. There was a public school building very close to the Admin. building at that time facing Swan. The remains of the wall existing now were to the west of the building. That was a retaining wall separating the Larkin from the New York Central rail yards immediately to the west of the wall and on a level several feet higher." - Arlan Peters, June 2018

Arlan Peters   ...   Frank Lloyd Wright

Facade on Seneca Street - South elevation

Swan Street north elevation

East elevation (facade to the left)   ...   Electrified model

Top of the building model  ...   Note the center skylight  (detailed in next photo below:)   ...   Note center bottom main entrance wing (detailed  in second photo below:)

Electrified skylight

Electrified wing

Photos and their arrangement 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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