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Interior Photos - Carlton Ladd House
11 Plymouth Avenue, Buffalo NY

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View from living room ... 1880's Eastlake style woodwork

View from living room looking into entrance hall.

Entrance hall

Entrance hall stairs. Note 1880's Eastlake style woodwork on support post

Detail - support post

Detail - support post

Detail - support post

Entrance hall plaster medallion

Living room pocket door leading to the entrance hall

Detail - living room pocket doorway

Living room plaster medallion

Living room cast iron furnace register

Dining room plaster rounded arch - a typical Caudell feature

Detail - keystone in dining room plaster rounded arch

Detail - corbel in dining room plaster rounded arch

Dining room: Eastlake style rope molding and corbels.

Dining room china cabinet

Dining room wainscoting

Staircase between entrance hall and second floor bedrooms

Staircase railing on second floor

Eastlake style kitchen staircase newel post now in storage

Detail from previous photo

Special thanks to current owner Christopher Brown for his cooperation and assistance

Photos and their arrangement © 2003 Chuck LaChiusa
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