Sidney Lake House
44 Orton Pl., Buffalo, NY
Built for Sidney Lake, a leader of the Plymouth Methodist Church

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Richard W. Caudell

William Caudell

December 2003 tour of houses buitlt by Richard and William Caudell

Orton Place facade.

Double gable roof .... curved gable window with colored glass

Corbels support overhanging base of extended gable roof


Not original to the house

Wainscoting betweem doorways

Roundels in door frames

Second story balustrade

Dining room fireplace

Fireplace detail

Plaster arch with keystone and supporting corbels

Plaster arch with keystone

Plaster arch supporting corbel ... roundel in door frame

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Richard W. Caudell and son William

Leaded beveled glass, probably installed after 1910

Plaster ceiling medallion

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Special thanks to owners Joyce Berg and Peter Covey for their cooperation

Photos and their arrangement © 2003 Chuck LaChiusa
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