Tony Sisti Park
42 North Street,
Buffalo, New York

 The park was designed by architect Peter Castle of Cannon Design and has been designated a Work of Art by the Buffalo Arts Commission.

All plantings in the park, originally the work of the Linwood Historic Preservation District and Friends neighborhood association, are now planted, maintained and enhanced by Friends of Sisti Park, a Buffalo block club of neighborhood volunteers.
- Ramona Whitaker
On the northern edge of Allentown is a small park on the corner of Franklin and North Streets at the foot of Linwood Avenue. Sisti Park was dedicated in 1981.

Sisti was a founder and first chair of the Allentown Art festival and in 1938 established his studio and gallery on Franklin a few steps north of Allen St. Sisti’s works have been exhibited in major museums including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the Burchfield-Penney Art Center in Buffalo. Two of Sisti's outdoor sculptures can be found in the eponymous park...

- OutcomeBuffalo (online October 2013)
2013 photos

Looking south (from North Street)

Looking east (from Franklin St.)

 Duayne Hatchett sculpture

 Duayne Hatchett sculpture

 Duayne Hatchett sculpture

Photos and their arrangement 2013 Chuck LaChiusa
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