Bemis / Ransom House

Bemis / Ransom House -
Neighboring North Street Houses

North St. Neighbor: McKim, Mead and White Root House at North and Delaware. DEMOLISHED 1935

North St. Neighbor: McKim Mead and White Metcalfe House adjoining (on the west) the Williams-Butler House at 125 North St. DEMOLISHED 1980

North St. Neighbor: Lenox Apartment Hotel at 140 North St. across from the Metcalfe house. Photo: c. 1900.

North St. Neighbor: Hayes House at 217 North St. Photo: c. 1915. DEMOLISHED

Photo: c. 1915

North St. Neighbor: Noyes/Naylon House at 291 North St. DEMOLISHED.
Photo: c. 1915.

North St. Neighbors:   Left: Williams House, 249 North St.

249 North St.   ...   Photo: 1910 or later

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