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Early History of 836 Main Street
at Virgini
a, Buffalo, NY

Medical College

The University of Buffalo was organized as a medical school. This was the second site for the school, which subsequently moved to a new building at 24 High Street. See An Illustrated Early History of the University of Buffalo for more information.

The first two illustrations  present a conflict in the date when the building was demolished:

Buffalo Catholic Institute Public Library

The Buffalo Catholic Institute had its origin in 1866 when a number of Catholic young men under the protection of St. Michael's Church formed an association called the German Catholic Young Men's Association of Buffalo, which had for its object the forming of a library and reading room in which debates might be held.

The Institute was formally established in 1867. A library was established in 1872. It was the only Catholic library in this country for many years after its founding. The library was available to the public, regardless of religious affiliation, for a $1 a year member's fee.

In 1893 (?), a site at Main & Virginia was purchased. The building on the site, the UB medical college, was demolished and the Catholic Institute was erected

University of Buffalo Medical School

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