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Chancel - St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
University Heights, 3107 Main Street, Buffalo, NY

Chancel: The space around the principal altar of a church for the clergy and choir, often separated by a screen or railing from the body of the church

"Chancel" comes from the Latin "cancellus" which means "a screen."

The chancel includes the sanctuary which is the immediate area around the principal altar.

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Chancel is located in the traditional east end of the church

Crucifix (rood), Mary and St. John prominently suspended in front of the chancel.

Detail of previous photo - rood

East window

Jesus and St. Andrew

Detail of previous photo

Crucifix and high altar

Detail of previous photo

Note four wooden sculptures (in next four illustrations)

Detail from previous photo - King Edward the Confessor




Detail from previous photo - Charles I

James Otis Sargent Huntington

Table of Contents - Saint Andrew's

St. Catherine of Siena

Bishop Charles Henry Brent


Special thanks to Rector Sarah Buxton-Smith and Parish Administrator Julie Spina for their assistance

Photos and their arrangement © 2003 Chuck LaChiusa
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