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Exterior - Tri-Main Center
2495 Main Street, Buffalo NY

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Albert Kahn, with Ernest Wilby
Daylght factory
August 24, 2020 color photos


West elevation  historic front entrance   ...   In 1915, famous architect Albert Kahn designed Henry Ford’s plant at 2495 Main Street. Over 600,000 of the 15 million Ford Model Ts were produced here by 1927. The plant then continued producing Ford Model As until August 1931, when Ford decided to sell the Main Street facility, and all activities were transferred to the Fuhrman Boulevard plant.   ...   Large window areas were the result especially of  Albert Kahn's development of the Daylight Factory

Brick and white, glazed terra cotta   ...   Note white painted
tie rods

Tri-Main Center began with Elgin Wolfe and his patner's vision of repurposing the former Trico factory building in 1990

One of several sconces

White, glazed 
terra cotta ornamentation

Top terra cotta row: Pendant  bellflowers   ...   Scroll buttress under the rosette

Pendant  bellflowers

Solider bricks above and below a running bond pattern of common bricks

South elevation

  Concrete bridge covers Belt Line Railroad

Tri-Main era begins in 1990

Building originally constructed as a Ford plant in 1915

The Belt Line Railroad enabled factories to easily ship products via rail.   Around 1900, Buffalo was the second largest railroad hub in the country   ...     ...   
Six hundred thousand Model T Fords were built in the building and shipped off on the adjacent New York Central Beltline railway.   ...    Both the Pierce-Arrow plant and second showroom were nearby the Ford assembly plant  next to the Belt Line 

Note the openings for railroad spurs

Note doors   ...   Railroad spurs entered factories so that train cars could be loaded in the building and then transported via rail across the country.  Aound 1900, Buffalo was the second largest rail hub in the country after Chicago.   ...   See an historic photo of a spur in the Larkin Soap warehouse

East elevation

Current front entrance  ...    Note  tie rods on vertical piers, detailed below:

A pair of tie rods

Photos and their arrangement 2020 Chuck LaChiusa
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