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Herbert H. Hewitt House - Inn Buffalo/Off Elmwood
  619 Lafayette Avenue, Buffalo, NY

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2015 photos

Cast iron post in basement ... Detail below:

Steel joist hanger

Steel joist hanger supporting horizontal joist

Electrical box

Pat. Aug 31, 1897

Hanging light fixture with both gas and electric turn knobs

Fixture with both both gas and electric turn knobs

Three wires, individually wrapped in rubber, with another rubber wrapping over the three

Original J. L. Mott Imperial  porcelain laundry tubs with new plumbing fixtures


Electric conduit/ gas pipe fasteners.

Sink with disconnected legs .... 4 details below:

Detail #1 - Claw foot on the leg

Detail #2 -

Detail #3 - Underside

Photo courtesy of Joseph Lettieri.
Detail #4
Manufactured Exclusively for the J. L. Mott Iron-Works New York
Brown-Westhead Moore & Co.
Cauldon Place Staffordshire, England
By Royal Appointment Potters to Her Majesty
Dieu Et Mon Droit (See center oval image explanation below:)

"The motto appears on a scroll beneath the shield of the English version of the Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom." - Image and caption source: Wikipedia: Dieu et mon droit (Online May 2015)

Copper lined, wooden (oak?) toilet tank decorated with plaster  shells and ribbons

Wood from another identical toilet tank

Toilet tank fill assembly inside toilet tank (above)

Pull chain toilet bracket

Water manifold, red for hot water, blue for cold water, connecting to each water closet (full or half bath).

Clay tile basement drainage pipe

Paper weight - probably an advertising gift ... 2 other views below:

Paper weight, from the top

Paper weight, from the bottom

Thermostat: The pneumatic  heat control thermostat manufacturer was  Johnson Services of Milwaukee, WI,  which patented the design in 1894...
Photo courtesy of Joseph Lettieri

Photo courtesy of Joseph Lettieri

Carved wooden hot air ventilator cover used as decoration in a bedroom suite.

Special thanks to owners Ellen and Joseph Lettieri for their cooperation and assistance in 2015.
Photos and their arrangement 2015 Chuck LaChiusa
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