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Main Cabin


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The text below is a reprint of the nomination for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places prepared by Olaf W. Shelgren Jr. and Dr. Francis R. Kowsky

The camp's main cabin (also known as the John Morgan Olmsted cabin) is a long, narrow structure containing ten rooms and covered by a low-pitched hipped roof, the long axis of which runs north and south. A continuous porch of varying width runs along the south and east sides of the cabin.

The principal room is the cruciform
living/dining room at the south end of the building. Approximately 20 feet wide. this spacious room is covered by a ceiling of rafters that rise to the peak of a high hipped roof. A large bay window on the south wall overlooks the Creek Valley, with Big and Little Blue Hills in the distance.

On the opposite side of this room, which is in the heart of the entire camp, stands a large brick
fireplace recessed in an inglenook. The brick is a dusty yellow color and the firebox design follows the recommendations of Count Rumford. A wood plank serves as a mantel.

At the northwest corner of the living room is the
L-shaped kitchen, which opens onto another small back porch. This porch gives access to two small western bedrooms and to a breezeway that leads to the porch on the other side of the house.

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