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Central Presbyterian Church / Mount St. Joseph Academy
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Williams Lansing & Max G. Beierl



The original plan was in the shape of an "L" with two entrances.

The Main Street entrance was disposed of in 1921 when the church was enlarged by moving the wall out forty feet, converting the entrance into a memorial window. This engineering achievement by contractor Robert Williams was featured on Movietone newsreels throughout the country.


Early English Gothic style

Parkside Community:

In the early 1800's, the Parkside area was known as Flint Hill. It was the site of an army encampment in 1812 and hundreds of soldiers are buried in the present meadow of Delaware Park.

When the City of Buffalo was incorporated in 1835, this area north of the former village became known as Buffalo Plains. Main Street was paved in the 1830's and a toll gate was erected at what is now Main and Kensington Avenue. The land along Main Street in Parkside was farmed by Washington Adams Russell and by Daniel Chapin. These working farms were succeeded by the estates of wealthy landowners such as Elam R. Jewett who purchased "Willowlawn" (across the street from Central Presbyterian on Jewett Avenue) in 1864.

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Facade- Main Street

Front entrance




Jewett Pkwy / Main St.

Jewett Pkwy
south entrance

Jewett Pkwy

Jewett Pkwy


Central Presbyterian Church
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Jewett Pkwy
left side entrance


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