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 Darwin D. Martin House Complex

June 2012 photos

Library of Congress: 'Wohnhaus Martin, Buffalo, N. Y. Gesellschaftszimmer und Speisezimmer' in Frank Lloyd Wright Ausgefuhrte Bauten (Berlin: Ernst Wasmuth A. G., 1911)
HABS NY,15-BUF,5- (sheet 6 of 27) - Darwin D. Martin House, 125 Jewett Parkway, Buffalo, Erie County, NY

Left: Greatbatch Pavilion Visitor Center (glass and shades).....  Martin House façade (Jewett Avenue)

Barton House south elevation

Left: Green House ... Center: Garage (Carriage House) ... Right: Conservatory
Drawing from the 1910 Wasmuth Portfolio, created in collaboration with Berlin publisher Ernst Wasmuth.

Upper left: Fountain ... Right: Pergola
Source: Library of Congress
Walter Burley Griffin designed the landscape for the Martin House Complex here in Buffalo. He took on many other successful and prestigious projects as well, including designing the entire city of Canberra, the capital of Australia.

Historic photograph.
Left: Carriage house ... Conservatory features martin bird houses ... Pergola at right

Looking through Pergola opening and viewing a fountain and the Carriage house. Note Wright-designed brown clothesline pole.

Looking through Pergola opening viewing the Greatbatch Visitor Center, flower garden and side of the fountain

Pergola looking into the Conservatory which features a reproduction Winged Victory of Samothrace (original in the Louvre)

Carriage house behind the fountain

Left: Carriage house ... Conservatory features martin bird houses ... Pergola at right ... Wright-designed brown clothesline poles

Conservatory (with finial martin bird houses connects to Pergola at right ... Wright-designed brown clothesline poles

Corner of the carriage house at left ... Flowers border the western elevation of the pergola.

Left: Greatbatch Visitor Center ... Center:  Rear of the Gardener's Cottage.
Note flowers (detail below).

Special thanks to Margaret P. Stehlik, Director of Operations,
Martin House Restoration Corporation, for her cooperation and patience.

Photographs taken in June 2012 by Chuck LaChiusa
Photos © 2011 Martin House Restoration Corporation

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