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Exterior - Old Editions Book Shop and Café
74-76 East Huron Street, Buffalo, NY
One of the country's largest open antiquarian bookstores. Antique artwork scattered throughout.
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74 East Huron Building - Erected:

C. 1897

76 East Huron Building - Erected:

C. 1950

74 East Huron 1926 addition:

Rear courtyard demolished and back of building extended; freight elevator installed

Previous owner, early 1940s to 1995:

St. Vincent De Paul's store

Current owner, since 1995:

Ronald Cozzi, proprietor of Old Editions Book Shop and Café

1995 Renovation architect:

Karl Frizlen

74 East Huron was originally built with 25-foot-long 4" X 12" beams spaced 12" apart between floors.

76 East Huron was purchased by St. Vincent De Paul's, a tenant since the early 1940s, and converted into a loading dock. The two buildings were then connected.

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Watercolor painting of Old Editions by V. Roger Lalli. 76 East Huron to the left

Original first floor tenants of #76: police station.
Note brick
corbels near top of façade of 76 East Huron.

Original Buffalo-made 10' tall cast iron column. Originally, according to architect Karl Frizlen. there was a recessed corner entrance

Detail from previous photo - foliated capital

Cast iron column detail

Sandstone and brick

Brick corbels

East elevation

May have originally contained stained glass

Large rectangular opening may have originally been a stable entrance for horses. The original tenant on the first floor was a riding unit of the Buffalo Police

Tie rod plates. After a fire in the building caused water damage, tie rods were installed to pull the walls together.

Neighbor in background: Electric Tower

Photos and their arrangement © 2005 Chuck LaChiusa
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