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Edward R. Lonergan Monument
Holy Cross Cemetery, 2900 South Park Ave., Lackawanna, NY 14218

"One of the Fenian dead was a First Ward ship carpenter, Edward K. Lonergan. 

Lonergan, born on June 2nd 1845, was typical of the Buffalo Fenians in that he was a single laborer under the age of thirty.  Not much is known about the personal life of Lonergan, but we know he worked as a carpenter at the Jones Ship Yard and lived at Ohio and Chicago Streets in the First Ward. 

Lonergan’s sacrifice was not forgotten and the Fenian leadership erected a large monument for him in Holy Cross Cemetery in 1867.  One hundred and thirty years later, in 1997, the Police Emerald Society and the Ancient Order of Hibernians refurbished his monument in Holy Cross Cemetery in Lackawanna, New York. 

The inscription on his monument declares, “Edward Lonergan: Who fell gallantly fighting Ireland’s enemies on the Famous Field of Ridgeway on June 2, 1866.”

- Timothy Bohen, Against the Grain, 2012, pp. 60-65

Our Lady of Victory Basilica in background

In Memory of
Edward K. Lonergan
Aged 2? Years
Who Fell Gallantly Fighting
Ireland's Enemies on
The famous Field of
June 2, 1866
Requium in Pace

Born in
Buffalo, June 2, 1845

Remodeled by
The Ancient order of

Flyer distribted by Holy Cross Cemetery

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