River Lea - Table of Contents

Especially for Children
William Cleveland Allen's Villa at River Lea
Beaver Island State Park, Grand Island, NY

None of the furniture is original to the house; however, all are period correct.

Click on illustrations for larger size -- and additional information

Wicker baby buggy with doll

Child's winter sleigh with doll

1890 maple baby rocker with dolls

Child's tricycle with removable handle

Child's tricycle with handle

Manequin with 19th century dress

Another manequin with 19th century dress



A full-length galvanized bath tub with a plug.
This should be mounted on a platform
for ease in emptying the water.

School desks with books, pens,
pen wipers, ink well, report card, etc.

Large glass-front cabinet
currently displaying a collection of toys.

Post office from Tucker's Store
in Ferry Village. Grand Island,
had several post offices located about the island, until 1902 when Rural Free Delivery
was introduced

1920s fire hydrant
from the corner of Elmwood and Cox Roads
in Ferry Village

Special thanks to Grand Island Historical Society President Curt Nestark for his cooperation
Grand Island Historical Society Historian Dottie Roehrig for her assistance

Photos and their arrangement © 2006 Chuck LaChiusa
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