77 Gates Circle
Buffalo, NY

Architecture firm:
W. S. Brickell Swain Company
French Eclectic
W. B. French
Other buildings designed by W. S. Brickell Swain Company: 28 University Avenue
Kenmore Bapatist Church
Brickell - Immanuel German Evangelical Church, 70 Military Road
Contracts awarded: Res. & Garage:  $18,000. 2 1/2 sty. 70X40.  77 Gates Circle.  Archt W. S. Brickell Swain Company. Chapin blk. Owner's name withheld.  Bldr. W. B. French. Chapin blk. Mas. let to William Dill, 120 Southampton st.
- The American Contractor, Volume 37, F. W, Dodge Corporation, Saturday, May 13, May 13, 1916, p. 49
November 2016 photos

Portico  ...  Ionic entablature  ...  Stucco walls

Entablature: Cornice, frieze, architrave  ...  Dentils in entablature ...  Ionic column  ... French doors: full-length casement windows with shutters

French doors

Ionic / Tuscan pilaster

French doors

East elevation (Chapin Parkway)  ...  Flared roof   ...   Dormers  ...  Stucco walls ...   Second floor shuttered sash windows  ...   First floor shuttered French doors

Slate-sided dormer  with  Tuscan pilasters

Photos and their arrangement 2016 Chuck LaChiusa
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