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Samuel Fletcher Pratt

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Monument in Forest Lawn Cemetery

1872 Pratt, Samuel F. residence drawing From The Picture Book of Earlier Buffalo, Frank H. Severance, ed. Pub. by the Buffalo Historical Society Publications, Vol. 16, 1912, p. 346

History of 388 Delaware Avenue, by Edward T. Dunn. Mary Jane Pratt, widow, bought this house

Pratt a pall bearer of Abraham Lincoln

Illustration above: Photograph From the History of the City of Buffalo and Erie County, H. Perry Smith, editor. Syracuse: D. Mason & Co., 1884

Pratt & Company 1859 ad in the Buffalo Directory

Pratt & Letchworth 1859 ad in the Buffalo Directory

John H. Conlin, Last Look... 159 Swan

S.V R. Watson House Widow Mary Jane Pratt moved here after her husband's death

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Photograph Posted by Niagara U

High Hopes, by Mark Goldman. P. 22

Biography - The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, pp. 413-414 

Biography - Memorial and Family History of Erie County, New York, pp. 5-6

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