St. Francis Xavier RC Church - Table of Contents

2002 Interior Photos - St. Francis Xavier RC Church
149-157 East Street, Buffalo, New York

Stained glass windows made in Munich, Germany

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Nave and Apse. The two columns flanking the apse are 40' tall; the other columns are 25' tall

Detail of apse: St. Francis Xavier converting pagans in India

Detail of apse and flat ceiling

Right hand transept; barrel vault

Left hand transept showing Virgin Mary altar

Arcaded side aisle. Single block marble columns were transported on Canal Canal -- it would nearly impossible to safely transport such large cargo any other way at this time.

Clerestory above the arcade

Oil painting in clerestory: Joseph teaches Jesus the carpentry trade while Mary looks on

Arcade detail: Roman arches and ornamented Tuscan capital

Floral and geometric ornamentation

Angel and stylized (abstracted) leaves and floweres in capital

1 of 13 stations of the cross in the two side aisles. Devotees would be walking to the left , so the right-hand panel is chronolocically first: Jesus is found guilty by Pilate. Left panel: Jesus is given the cross he will be crucified on.

Right panel: Jesus is taunted by spectators en route to Golgotha . Left panel: Jesus is comforted by Veronica and he leaves an imprint of his face on the towel.

Due to exhaustion, Jesus falls; he meets Mary Magdalen

Rose window and organ in nave at opposite end of the apse

Flat ceiling above the organ

Rose window above the organ

Mechanics of the four tower clocks

Piston which turns the hands is attached to the clock

One of three bells in the bell tower

Names of donors cast in a bell

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Photos and their arrangement © 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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