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Saint Theresa of the Little Flowers


Attributes: roses, rosary

Daprato Statuary Co. signature


Saint Theresa of the Little Flowers

Iconography in Art and Architecture: Saint Theresa of the Little Flowers


Daprato Statuary Co., Chicago-New York




Painted wood, glass eyes




St. Anthony RC Church


Fr. Secondo Casarotto, CS

Year donated:



Fr. Secondo Casarotto, CS

Daprato Studios and Sanctuary
Daprato Rigali Studios Official Website

Founded in Italy in 1860 and in the early 1900's operated in Chicago, New York and Montreal.

They were designers and manufacturers of religious statues (indoor and out), designers and manufacturers of church art decor and one of the leading manufacturers of stained glass windows.

Daprato Studios A large collection of Daprato artworks for sale online

Illustration: 1930 Catalog page reprinted from Marek Czarnecki, Sacramental Artwork in American Churches: A Disappearing Heritage

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