City Court Building - Table of Contents

2012 photos

Exterior - City Court Building
50 Delaware Avenue at
Niagara Square, Buffalo, NY

Pfohl, Roberts and Biggie
Ellicott Historic District

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View from Niagara Square

East elevation (Delaware Avenue)

The windowless walls, which present an impenetrable facade to Niagara square, were designed to protect the courtrooms and judges' chambers from outside distraction, as well as to accommodate sculpture and define space.

Features thin vertical windows edging large concrete panels.

10 stories tall.

2012 photos

View from Niagara Square

Left: BAC ...   City Court   ... Right:  McKinley Monument

Left:  McKinley Monument

City parking ramp at right

Note artificial cornices at top

Exterior building material: concrete

Coronation Day, by Kenneth Snelson

Coronation Day, by Kenneth Snelson

BAC  at left

Note plaque (detailed below:)

Women's Union-Townsend Hall

Left: Delaware Avenue

Break in Court Building wall is the main entrance (See below)

2012 photos

East elevation
(Delaware Avenue)

Eagle Street and Delaware Avenue ... BAC at right.
Note artificial cornices at top.

Note artificial cornices at top

Reflection in window:  BAC

Photos and their arrangement 2012 Chuck LaChiusa
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