Archangels Raphael and Gabriel
This window was installed in 1897, the last in the "new" Trinity Church and is an excellent example of pieces designed by Frederick Wilson for
Tiffany Glass Company.

On the left is Raphael, chief of the guardian angels, guardian of all humanity, and guide to pilgrims. Raphael is dressed as a traveler and carries a staff, pink water container, and flaming torch. On the right is the Archangel Gabriel also known as the Angel of Mercy, the messenger of God, pro claimer of the Nativity and ruler of heaven with the Archangel Michael. Gabriel carries a winged scepter, lilies, and a banner with the Latin words of the annunciation.

Trinity's Vestry purchased this memorial window in appreciation for years of devoted service by James and Caroline McCredie Banker James McCredie served on the Church Charity Foundation and the Trinity Vestry. Caroline McCredie was involved in the Church Home and the Ladies Aid Society of Trinity.