Patrick J. Kelly House - Table of Contents

Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Basement -
Charles Duffy/
Patrick J. Kelly House
268 Crescent Avenue, Buffalo, NY

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Second floor bedrooms



2017 Photos

Second floor master bedroom

Master bedroom at front of the second floor   ...   Note French doors at right

Master bedroom at front of the second floor    ...   Two fireplace details below:

Detail #1 - FireplaceDentil molding beneath mantel  ...   Paneled frieze   ...   Marble surround   ...   Brick hearth

Fireplace detail #2   ...   Dentil molding above  mantel

Master bedroom at front of the second floor    ...   Wave pattern radiator cover found throughout the house

The other three bedrooms on the second floor

Bedroom #1 - Three details below:

Detail #1 - Sconce

Detail #2 - Fireplace    ...    Glazed brick surround and hearth

Detail # 3- Fireplace scroll-sawn  corbel

Closet space

Bedroom #2

Bedroom #3

Three bathrooms

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"How It’s Made: The word “vitreous” means “glass-like,” and that’s just what the glaze does for ordinary ceramics: it makes them look shiny and reflective while maintaining and in most cases actually strengthening their durability. The glaze itself is usually made of composite minerals and powdered glass. It is typically sold as a powder that artisans and manufacturers must melt down, in a kiln or specialized oven, before using.

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Two details below:

Detail #1 - Glazed brick wall   ...  Mosaic floor

Detail #2

2 details below:

Detail #1 - Wave pattern radiator cover found throughout the house

Detail #2 - Fluted base


Basement   ...  Original wine cellar, with electricity

Bryant original boiler   ...   Two details below:

Detail #1    ...   (Photo courtesy of Theresa Roma)

Detail #2    ...   (Photo courtesy of Theresa Roma)

Special thanks to owners Theresa and  Adam Roma for their assistance in 2017

Photos (except where noted otherwise) and their arrangement   2017 Chuck LaChiusa
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