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Connick Nave Window - St. John's-Grace Episcopal Church
51 Colonial Circle at Bidwell Pkwy. and Lafayette Ave.
Buffalo, New York
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Window created:

1952 (See last photo below)

Designer and fabricator:

Connick Associates


Gothic Revival

Hugh Chandler Kennedy, 16 year old son of Charles and Florence Kennedy, was killed in a tractor accident in 1938. This window was dedicated by his family in his memory. The family designed this window. It is a weaving of Hebrew Scripture and Christian Scripture as well as important remembrances of Hugh and his family.

Nave   ...   Stained Glass

1952 window

Christ the Good Shepherd   ...   Iconography in Art and Architecture: Christ the Good Shepherd

Eli the Priest with Samuel, who succeeded Eli as prophet and priest. Hannah becomes pregnant; her child is Samuel. After he is weaned, she leaves him in Eli's care. Eli was one of the last Israelite Judges before the rule of kings in ancient Israel.

An organist playing Martin Luther's hymn, "A Mighty Fortress is Our God"

1 Timothy 3:16   ...   Pine cones: lasting memory of Kennyglen, the family's beloved farm in Holland, NY fro where Christmas trees were supplied St. John's each December.

Martin Luther composing his hymn, "A Mighty Fortress is Our God."

Tennis and baseball players: Hugh's two favorite sports   ...   Acolytes with a processional cross: Hugh served St. John's as an acolyte.

1 Timothy 3:16

Connick Associates signature   ...  Charles J. Connick Studios later renamed Charles J. Connick Associates in 1945

Special thanks to Rector Philip W. Dougharty and former Rector Peter Bridgford for their assistance in 2009.
Special thanks to Rector Jon F. Lavelle for his cooperation in 2019.

Photos and their arrangement 2009 Chuck LaChiusa
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