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Nave window by Willet Studios
St. John's Grace Episcopal Church
51 Colonial Circle at Bidwell Pky. and Lafayette Ave.
Buffalo, New York
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Willet Studios


Gothic Revival


Rev. Peter Bridgford, "St. John's Grace Episcopal Church: A Guide to Some of the Memorials," 2000

"The Willet window happens to be the window I designed with the consent of Ed Robb, who gave it in memory of his wife, Bille.  She never had children but was dedicated to her nephews and nieces as well as children in general.  So this window was placed near the children's pulpit and over the door thru which our kids passed to and from church school." - Peter Bridgford

Stained Glass

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Twelve year old Jesus in the temple with the elders

The elders who are being taught by twelve year old Jesus in the temple.

The boy Jesus with his parents Mary & Joseph as he is learning the trade of carpentry

Abraham with his only son, Isaac, as they proceed to a presumed sacrifice of Isaac, Abraham's only son

Three strangers appearing to Abraham by the oaks of Mamre, Genesis 18

The young lad that gave his five barley loaves to Jesus for feeding of the 5000

Memorial window panel

Special thanks to Rector Philip W. Dougharty and former Rector Peter Bridgford for their assistance in 2009
Photos and their arrangement 2009 Chuck LaChiusa
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