Lake and Rail Elevator - Table of Contents

2007 photos - Exterior and Interior
Lake and Rail Elevator

120 Childs Street, Buffalo, NY

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Reinforced concrete

First floor of the elevator

Conveyor belt for moving grain

Grain conveyor belt




Marine leg

Marine leg

Marine leg

Marine leg

One of two mobile "marine legs"

Technology has rendered the marine legs useless.

Note rails where the "leg" could by moved sideways


Marine leg wheels on rails

End of the rails

Don Gavin, Manager of Elevator Operations






Side view: The leg's "buckets" are attached to a conveyor belt in the "loose leg"

Back view: The leg's "buckets" attached to a conveyor belt in the "loose leg"

Spare plastic "buckets"

Grain being dumped into the elevator would be weighed on a scale like this every 2,000 pounds or so.

Scale closeup

"Scooper's" shovel that would be used to shovel grain from the corners of the hold


Looking across the Buffalo River


Lake & Rail's train engine ... 2015 photo

Ice boom in storage on 41 Hamburg Street ... Lake & Rail Grain Elevator

Special thanks to Silo City owner Rick Smith for his cooperation, and to Silo City steward "Swannie Jim" Watkins for his assistance  in 2007.

Photos and their arrangement 2007 Chuck LaChiusa
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