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33 Chapin Parkway
Buffalo, NY

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Hipped roof

Snow guard on roof   ...   Slate covered dormers   ...   Monumental 2-story pilasters   ...   Stone paneled lintels and sills   ...   Pedimented entry surround

Snow guard on roof   ...   Slate covered dormers

 Modillions support cornice  ...   Dentil molding  ...   Stone paneled lintel   ...   Tuscan pilasters with capitals that feature fluting and rosettes    ...   Keystone centered in voussoirs above dentils and herringbone brick patterns

Stone Pedimented entry surround

Chapin Parkway

The entirety of Chapin Parkway, part of Olmsted’s Buffalo parks and parkways system, falls in the Elmwood Historic District (East), running from Soldiers Place to Gates Circle.

It is 200 feet wide with a wide median/park with regularly planted trees running down the center, cast iron decorative luminaires on poles with Art Nouveau flourishes and glass globes, and sandstone curbs.

The majority of the grand, eclectically styled homes on Chapin Parkway were built in the first quarter of the twentieth century.

 A trace of the former equestrian trail exists on the centerline of Chapin Parkway, recalling the multi-modal character of Olmsted’s parkway vision.
- National Register of Historic Places Nomination: Elmwood Historic District (EAST)   p.8
33 Chapin Parkway
ca. 1916

2 1⁄2-story hipped roof masonry residence with Classical Revival styling; ashlar stone foundation, asphalt shingle roof.

Central wood paneled entry door with stone door surround and pediment, flanked by 4 stone monumental pilasters.

Windows typically 6/1 wood sash double hung, stone sills and lintels. Hipped dormers.

Contains contributing brick secondary building (garage).
- Elmwood Historic District (EAST) National Register of Historic Places Nomination  p. 92

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