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Exterior - Samuel Risman  House
3 Chapin Parkway , Buffalo, NY

Research by  Judy Tucker

2016 Photos

Louis Greenstein
Georgian Colonial Revival
Original owner:
Samuel Risman. 
Only a year after the house was completed, Mr. Risman moved to Miami where he managed and developed the 10 story Henrietta Towers in the fashionable area of Miami called Fort Dallas Park.  His wife soon moved out of 3 Chapin and joined her husband in Florida.  On February 10, 1927, the Buffalo Courier Express ran a story “Think Ex-Buffalo Man’s Death Plunge Accidental”.   The paper reported that Mr. Risman either jumped or fell to his death from the top of the Henrietta Towers the day before, on February 9, 1927. 
1927 Owner:
Frederick E. Munschauer.
Munschauer and his wife, Harriet, live in this house in the 1930’s.  Mr. Munschauer was a partner in Heinz & Munschauer.  The firm ran Niagara Refrigerators, a company that had begun manufacturing refrigerators as far back as 1865.
1990s owner:
prominent Southtowns OB/GYN, Dr. Carlos Santos,
2001 Owner:
Donna M. Fernandes, Director of the Buffalo Zoo
2005 Owner: Kurt and Sandra Lang
2015 Owner: Jason and Jennifer Lang
Contributing member of Elmwood Historic District (East)

3 Chapin Parkway

2 1⁄2-story side gable brick masonry residence with Colonial Revival styling; slate roof.  ...   Features main entry portico with grouped wood supports facing Gates Circle.   ...  Windows typically 8/8 wood sash double hung windows.  ...  Features belt coursing, cornice with triglyph and drops, hipped roof dormers.  ...  1-story sun porches on both sides of building.   ...  Contains contributing brick secondary building (garage).

- National Register of Historic Places Nomination: Elmwood Historic District (EAST), Section 7,  page 92

2016 photos unless indicated otherwise

April 2018 photo   ...   Left: Chapin Parkway   ...   Foreground:  Gates Circle   ...   Heading right:  Delaware Avenue

West and south elevations

Gate indicates where the original driveway was located ...  The side entrance was the original main entrance

Quarter round window with spiderweb muntins

1-story sun porch

Dormers: Sash double hung windows ... Slate-covered

Main entrance portico (south) since the driveway from Chapin was paved over (see drawing above) ...  Three details below:

Detail #1:  Cartouche with year of construction ... Ribbons flank the oval ...  Triglyphs and drops

Detail #2:  Fanlight is typical Colonial Revival style feature

Detail #3: Tuscan style columns

8 over 8 lights ...  Brick voussoirs ... Running bond brick pattern

Family room addition

2016 photos

View from Delaware Ave, driveway   ...   Wing in foreground is an addition

Main entrance (south elevation)   ...   North entrance used to be the main entrance until the original driveway was removed   

Special thanks to owners Jennifer and Jason Lang for their cooperation in 2016

Photos and their arrangement 2016 Chuck LaChiusa
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