Chandler Street Industrial Buildings Historic District

Linde Air Manufacturing
155 Chandler St., Buffalo, NY

Building photos

"Linde" and "Bell Aircraft" murals

Excerpts - Chandler Street Industrial Buildings Historic District National Register of Historic Places nomination

"Originally built in 1907, it [155-157  Chandler Street] was used by Linde Air Products until the early 1950s, and then by Bell Aircraft Corp. for several years. It was acquired in 1958 by Donald Rosen and used for machine shop G&R Machinery until the 1990s."
- Jonathan D. Epstein, "Speedy Cleanup of Former Linde Plant Planned," The Buffalo News,| July 7, 2017
... the Linde Air Manufacturing complex at 155 Chandler Street which will soon become headquarters for software development firm Utilant, a current tenant at his Foundry Lofts project. The sprawling complex will also be home to ceramic technology firm EnrG. Unlike Utilant’s flashy office space (with interior garden), EnrG is shaping up to be more of an industrial work site with lofted offices. Other tenants within the building include Barrel + Brine Café and Taproom, BlackBird Cider Works, a tax accountant business, and a call center.
- Queenseyes, "Termini Strikes Again. Chandler Street Is A Real Knockout,"  Buffalo Rising, July 1, 2018

Photos and their arrangement © 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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