North Buffalo - Table of Contents

North Buffalo Neighborhoods Boundaries
Buffalo, New York

Parkside East: 
Starting from the southeast corner, heading west:
From the NW corner of Main St. and Humboldt Parkway west along Humboldt to Parkside Ave.
then north to Amherst St.,
west to Colvin Ave.,
north to the Conrail tracks, east and south along the tracks to Main St.,
then southwest to Main and Humboldt.

Streets: Crescent, Russell, Jewett west of Main St, W. Oakwood, Florence, Robie, Elam, Willowlawn, Woodward, Greenfield, Fairfield, Humboldt between Parkside and Main, west side of Main between Jewett and Humboldt

Parkside West:
All properties abutting Nottingham Terrace, Meadow Road, and that part of Middlesex Road between Delaware Ave. and Amherst St.

Central Park:
Main St (east), Woodbridge (north),  Parkside (west), Amherst (south).

Streets:Woodbridge, Depew, Morris, Beard, Duane Terrace, Starin between Amherst and Woodbridge, Voorhees between Amherst and Woodbridge, Parker between Amherst and Woodbridge, Wesley between Morris and Woodbridge, Linden between Parkside and Beard, west side of main Street between Woodbridge and Amherst

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