Buffalo Maritime Center
90 Arthur Street, Buffalo, New York

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2018 Photos:

Construction in progress

Classroom / Bronze foundry / Models / Library


Schyler Norton, Making Waves: The Buffalo Maritime Center  Buffalo Rising reprint

Buffalo Rising staff, Buffalo Maritime Center Announces New Community Boat Building Project  Buffalo Rising reprint

Joed Viera, 'Erie Traveler' Taking Shape in Buffalo  Niagara Gazette reprint

The Buffalo Maritime Center started out as a program at Buffalo State in 1989. It was originally part of the design department.

John Montague retired 10 years ago [2007], but still wanted to continue with his interest in boats, so he took the program off campus and turned it into a non profit. He and a few others then founded the Buffalo Maritime Center. The organization was gifted a building on Arthur Street by M&T Bank four years ago [2013] and have grown from there.

John is interested in the history of naval architecture, so he and others started doing historical research into what kind of boats originated in the Buffalo area. They then began to restore old boats that were donated to them, while working on building historic models.
- Schyler Norton, Making Waves: The Buffalo Maritime Center

Photos and their arrangement 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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