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Exterior - St. John's United Evangelical Church / St. John's United Church of Christ
85 Amherst Street, Buffalo, New York

German Evangelical Church formed:
German Evangelical Church built:
Present church built:
1892 church architect:
1892 church  style:
Gothic Revival
Church becomes independent from other formal religious organizations:
Name changed to St. John's United Church of Christ

July 2018 photos, unless indicated otherwise

Historic photo   ...   Note house at right, later burned by arson

2018 photo.
Gothic Revival style   ...   
Tower topped by a steeple   ...   Side lots owned by the church   ...  
Lot on the right (west) side had a house owned by the Church.  An evicted tenant intentionally burned the house to the ground in 2013.  There was $160,000 damage to the church



December 25, 1979 fire


Corbel tables   ...  Louvered belfry

King post

Center bay   ...   Note gauged arch and compound arches

Protective covering (insurance required) for stained glass window

Right side entrance bay

East elevation

Loophole and lancet windows

Hoodmolds and voussoirs

Buttresses between bays with lancet windows  

Medina sandstone foundation

Medina sandstone lintels and sills

Onondaga limestone

West elevation

King post   ...   Corbel table   ...   Louvered
belfry   ...   Loophole

Hoodmolds and voussoirs   ...   Buttresses between bays with lancet windows

Corbel tables   ...   Buttresses

Special thanks to Pastor Elaine Utech, Council President James Grimes, and  Secretary Beverly Grimes for their cooperation in 2018

Photos and their arrangement 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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