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2010-11 Renovation history- Assumption RC Church
435 Amherst Street, Buffalo, NY 14207

Extensive renovation took place in 2010-11.

Exterior work included the repair of the deteriorating brickwork and main roofs of the 84-year-old structure. 

Interior renovation included new lighting fixtures and a return to the 1920s decorative scheme with additional borders around the arcades and the stained glass windows. The design for the borders was modeled after the borders around the sanctuary sgraffito murals by Jozef Slawinski

Overall direction of the renovation was determined by the pastor of the church, Reverend Richard Jedrzejewski.  Reverend  Jedrzejewski was appointed in August of 1997 upon the retirement of the former pastor. Father Richard was ordained at Assumption Church in October of 1974.

The interior renovation was undertaken by Swiatek Studios, Inc. which included the following artisans:

Henry Swiatek, Jr.  Swiatek Studios was founded by Henry Swiatek Sr. (as H. Swiatek & Son in 1967) to provide restoration services to churches and historical landmarks.  Their first church project was in the late 1970s - in Assumption Church. They also did restoration work in the the church in 1988, so the 2010-11 renovation was the company's third project in the church.

Brett Swiatek. Henry Jr.'s son and partner.  His training included earning a degree at Alfred State University with a major in Fine Arts.  His is the main designer in the studios and designed the borders for the arcade and windows.

Stacey Swiatek. Henry Jr.'s daughter whose specialty is statue restoration. She painted the church's plaster stations of the cross which were previously white and is repainting the many statues in the church.

Devin Simpson.  Henry Jr.'s  grandson. His specialties include stenciling and gilding.

Brett Swiatek ...  Rev Richard Jedrzejewski ...  Henry Swiatek, Jr. ... Devin Simpson

Henry Swiatek, Jr.

Henry Swiatek, Jr.

Brett Swiatek

Brett Swiatek, designing a stencil

A border stencil

February 2011 east transept

Devin Simpson, working in the east transept
Rose (wheel) window in lower background.

Devin Simpson works on his specialty, stenciling, on a design by his uncle, Brett Swiatek.

2011 gilding and stenciling

2011 gilding and stenciling

2011 gilding

Stacey Swiatek painting a Pieta

Special thanks to  Rev. Richard Jedrzejewski, Pastor, for his cooperation
and to Henry and Brett Swiatek of Swiatek Studios for their assistance.

Photos and their arrangement 2011 Chuck LaChiusa
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