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Dr. Matthew D. Mann House
37 Allen St., Buffalo, NY

Source: "Men of Buffalo," Chicago: A. N. Marquis & Co, 1902

Pan-Am Hospital

Pan-Am Hospital

Dr. Matthew D. Mann

Eventually, her [Ethel Mann] father accepted an appointment to the faculty at the Medical College of the University at Buffalo. His particular specialty was gynecology. Dr. Mann served as president of the American Gynecological Society in 1894 and as a president of the Buffalo Academy of Medicine. He was a member of the American Congress of Physicians and Surgeons, a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, and a member of the New York State Medical Association.

According to one local historian, Dr. Mann "reached the mountain peak of professional success in the special lines of medicine he pursued with a devotion unrivaled, and no physician was richer in the love of those who sought his healing aid. A prolific writer of medical articles, he published a standard textbook on gynecology as well as a "Manual of Prescription Writing."

Despite his international reputation, however, Dr. Mann is today most remembered as the physician who operated on President William McKinley after the President was shot on the grounds of the Pan American Exposition on September 6, 1901. For many years, controversy surrounded the quality of care given to President McKinley, particularly with respect to Dr. Mann's decision to perform immediate surgery on the Exposition grounds, rather than to transport the patient to the new operating amphitheater at Buffalo General Hospital for treatment by the acclaimed surgeon, Dr. Roswell Park. Nonetheless, in 1902, Congress authorized the payment of $ 10,000 to Dr. Mann for his services in treating the President.

Dr. Mann married Elizabeth Pope in 1869, and Ethel, their second daughter, was born sometime thereafter. Thus, Harlow C. Curtiss was more than a decade older than Ethel Mann when they married on June 18, 1896.

Daughter Ethel:  Died as a six-year widow in 1939 after  a few days of illness in Millard Fillmore Hospital.  Obituary lists 37 Allen as her address.

Buried in an unmarked grave in Forest Lawn Cemetery with parents (but not with her husband)
2008, 2014 photos

Queen Anne style facade ... 2014 photo

 Queen Anne gable tympanum features wood shingles and Palladian window ... Sunburst design in upper tympanum ... 2014 photo

Wood shingles and Palladian window  ... 2014 photo

 2008 photo

Portico ... 2014 photo

Stained glass transom window  and flanking Tuscan pilasters ... 2014 photo

Stained glass side light ... 2008 photo

2008 photo

West elevation

Sleeping porch ... 2008 photo

Overhanging cornice with decorative modillions and dentils ... Roman (smooth shaft) Ionic column ... 2014 photo (note added balustrade)

Overhanging cornice with decorative modillions and dentils ... Roman (smooth shaft) Ionic column ... Xmas lights ... 2014 photo

Decorative modillions and dentils   ... 2014 photo

East elevation

Queen Anne chimneys

Note Medina sandstone lintels

Photos and their arrangement 2008, 2014 Chuck LaChiusa
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