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"The Old First Ward"
Community Steel Building Mural

60 Alabama St., Buffalo, NY

By Vinnie Alejandro and Yames

Also by YAMES [pron. YAH mes] : "Could B. Wild!" ...  "Nietsche"

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Spree as found in Old First Ward/Buffalo River History Mural, July 17, 2014  
 Earlier today artists Vinnie Alejandro and “Yames” were hard at work, tackling the giant work of art that will depict different stages of history along the Buffalo River. Alejandro and his team are painting a 5000 square foot piece at 60 Alabama Street, on the side of the Community Steel Building facing Republic Street.

The highly visible work of art adds a vibrant splash to an otherwise industrial-looking site. The mural can be viewed from McCarthy’s Pub and Brewery, and is a beacon for other projects that are said to be coming to the neighborhood.

For Alejandro, this work symbolizes his return to Buffalo and the Old First Ward, where he hails from. Many of the recent developments depicted on the wall were not even dreamed up yet when he first decided to return to his hometown. This work is a testament to the ongoing changes that can be seen in the neighborhood – with new parks, a brewery, a distillery (coming soon), and the Ohio Street Boulevard (formerly Ohio Street).

- A Mural Comes Together in the Old First Ward, pub. on Buffalo Rising on Aug 18, 2014
Photos below taken in September 2014

Completed mural ... View from Republic Street

Details, from left to right, below:

H-O Oats ... Buffalo Lighthouse ... Buffalo River

Michigan Street Bridge

Michigan Street Bridge

Michigan Street Bridge  located at Michigan and Ohio Streets

Michigan Street Bridge  located at Michigan and Ohio Streets

Mutual Riverfront Park

Photos and their arrangement 2014 Chuck LaChiusa
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