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Boies-Lord House

(Boies pronounced BOYS)
5853 South Park Avenue, Hamburg, NY

The original house, built circa 1840, was a one and a half story, three room cottage with two rooms divided by a plank wall on the first floor. A bedroom was over the present parlor. There was no hall at this time, a ladder being the way to the second floor.

The Empire style furnishings and reproduction wallpaper are all 1840s period correct. Empire style furniture (1815-1840) was used in Greek Revival houses.

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Wallpaper and window treatments are Greek Revival style

Empire style lyre-base card table - opened top

Empire style lyre-base card table - Top half opened (lifted and turned 90 degrees when folded)

Empire style lyre-base card table

Empire style lyre-base card table

Empire/Rococo Revival sofa

Empire/Rococo Revival sofa

Carved roses on the top rail adds a Rococo Revival touch to an otherwise Empire style sofa

Empire/Rococo Revival sofa - mahogany veneer

Jewett & Root stove

Jewett & Root stove

Jewett & Root stove.
Patented 1861(?)

"Jewett & Root's Stove Works, Buffalo, N.Y."

Jewett & Root stove

A period carpet called American Brussels that was woven in strips that are sewn together

Parlor and sitting room

Special thanks to Boies-Lord House Director Marcia VanBrocklin for her assistance

Photos and their arrangement © 2006 Chuck LaChiusa
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