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Boies-Lord House

(Boies pronounced BOYS)
5853 South Park Avenue, Hamburg, NY

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Early 1900s photo.
Note the
gingerbread and the left porch, later removed

1975 photo, four years before the house was moved to South Park Avenue



Left: area built circa 1840
Right: area built circa 1845



Left: modern area
Right: original area built circa 1840. Windows are in the sitting room

Directly across the street on South Park Avenue are the Hamburg Fairgrounds

The Boies-Lord House was originally situated on the Main Street of a small town known as Whites Corners. (Whites Corners became the Village of Hamburg in 1874.) The house is furnished as a typical middle class Greek Revival home of the mid 19th century.

The name Boies-Lord is derived from previous owners. Horace Boies, an attorney, owned the house in 1863. He went on to become governor of Iowa. Dr. Alvah Lord and his family lived in the house from 1923- 1975. Dr. Lord's medical office was in the present dining room and office area.

In 1979, the house was moved from its original location on Main Street near Center Street to make room for a parking lot for the New York Telephone Company. The Hamburg Antiques Study Group financed its removal to the brick foundation where it is now located on the Historical Society grounds and engaged John Conlin, a Buffalo architectural historian, as restoration consultant. He determined the original configuration of the house and it was restored to the 1860 floor plan with appropriate architectural details.

The house was built of plank construction which was used extensively in Western New York from 1840-1870. There are no corner posts or braces of any kind.

Special thanks to Boies-Lord House Director Marcia VanBrocklin for her assistance

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