Brush Co. brick variations

  • Co. owned by Mayor Alexander Brush who came to Buffalo in 1848 from Jewettville area; retired 1890; died 1892; buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery
  • Brick at left (BB): Brush Bros. Alexander had two brothers: William and William H.
  • In 1856, Brush & 3 sons had brick yard on Bailey Ave.
  • In 1891, the company was owned by Charles Berrick, Hakes, E. Coatsworth, Brush

  • In 1879-1882, the largest manufacturer of bricks in northeast; over a million bricks a year
  • Offices located on Swan and Mohawks Streets, Buffalo
  • Plant located at Clinton near Bates, Buffalo

  • Bricks found at railroad station on Tonawanda and Niagara Streets
  • Second brick (BSUSH) is misspelled - should be BRUSH. Misspellings were not unusual due to the high rate of illiteracy