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2012 photos - The Palais Royal, Court of Honor, and Garden
Paris, France

Photos taken in February 2012

Illustration, from an 1863 guide to Paris.
Source: Wikipedia (Jan. 2012)

This engraving depicts the Garden and housing behind the Palace which is the building in the top middle of this engraving. 

The housing surrounding the Garden was added  between 1781 and 1784.

Louis Philippe II, who controlled the Palais-Royal from 1780 onward, expanded and redesigned the complex of buildings and the gardens of the palace between 1781 and 1784. In 1784, the gardens and surrounding structures of the Palais-Royal opened to the public as a shopping and entertainment complex.
The Palais

Front of the Palais.  Below the Palais in the photograph is the Place du Palais-Royal which borders the north wing of the Louvre.
A "place" (pronounced plahss) is a public square.
Photo taken from the Louvre. At bottom of photo is a
Metro station.

Front of the Palais.
Located behind the Palais is the
Court of Honor (next photo below.)

Court of Honor. (Palais to the right.)
Controversy erupted here in 1980 when striped columns - Daniel Buren's "Les Deux Plateaux" or  "Colonnes de Buren"  - were added. The look was said to be in poor taste. However, since then many neighboring establishments have adopted the striped columns, creating a type of trademark look for the area.

Behind the
Court of Honor (left of this view) is the Garden and surrounding housing.

Frederick Nash, 1829 (Source:
Court of Honor
The Garden

The Garden facing the Palais.

Garden sculpture

In Paris, grass is not walked on by pedestrians. Note the sign.

Garden fountain and hedge.
The fountain is not in operation during February. Photo taken February 2012.

Photos and their arrangement 2012 Chuck LaChiusa
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