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Interior - Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha
Cairo, Egypt

2009 photos

Square prayer hall covered by a central dome flanked by four half-domes.

Two levels of domes gives a much greater sense of space than there actually is.  Center dome is 52 meters high. Four semicircular domes around the central dome are less in height but have the same diameter (21 meters). There are four smaller domes on the corners as well.

"The Ottomans introduced central dome mosques in the 15th century and have a large dome centered over the prayer hall. In addition to having one large dome at the center, there are often smaller domes that exist off-center over the prayer hall or throughout the rest of the mosque, where prayer is not performed." - Wikipedia (online August 2013)

Central dome.

The domes are painted and embellished with motifs in relief.

Three hundred and sixty-five oil lamps - chandeliers - now powered by electricity.
The walls and pillars are covered with alabaster up to 11 meters high. ...  136 windows.

Chandelier ... One of four pendentives, covered with alabaster, supporting the domes

One of two minbars. This smaller one is made of marble.

Finial and dome atop minbar


Trefoil arches.

Photos taken in March 2009
Photos and their arrangement 2009
Chuck LaChiusa
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