Louis Greenstein House - Table of Contents

Second floor - Louis Greenstein House
64 Tudor Place, Buffalo, NY

"Even the wrought iron work is exceptional. Banisters and balustrades are all handcrafted and uniquely designed. On the terraces, beautiful wrought-iron railings represent vines and plants and even a bowl of fruit at the dining area."  - Barry A. Muskat, "One Sweet Tudor on Tudor." Buffalo Spree, December 2007 (online July 2017)

Knotty pine paneled room   ...   Note woodwork above the window, detailed below:

Scallops and  panels

Room probably used as Architect Greenstein's office

2017 photos

"Tile in bath is most likely from the Mosaic Tile Co. of Zanesville OH   I’m confident that the tiles of boats are Mosaic since it’s their style and  sample tiles in a box left in the basement contains tiles from this company. The wall & ceiling tiles are faience." - Sherry Willoughby

"The original owners clearly had a love of boats and the sea. My guess is that they must have traveled extensively." - Barry A. Muskat

Art Deco sink   ...   This is a rare sink.  All original.
"Henry Dreyfuss designed Crane "Neuvogue" bathroom fixtures. 1936.  Henry Dreyfuss  was a noted industrial designer of the 1930s and 40s. He was born in New York City in 1904, and died in Pasadena CA in 1972.  His design work could be found in objects as varied as farm implements and tractors to telephones, airliner interiors, to Hoover vacuum cleaners and Polaroid cameras. For those of us interested in bathroom fixtures, his most notable design work is found in the Crane Mfg. Co. line of upscale bathroom fixtures, "Neuvogue".  The Neuvogue fixtures display the streamline look of the late 1930s. The rectangular sink top was perched on a china pedestal, or a sleek tubular chrome plated stand. "Neuvogue" sinks featured a wide waterfall shaped integral china spout set on top of the flat sink top, with ovoid lever handles mounted on the sides of the spout. The basin was a distinctive half round shape."  - Vintage Plumbing Bathroom Antiques (online July 2017)

Ovoid lever handles on the side of wide waterfall-shaped integral china spout

Attic finished room
2017 photos

Room used as a studio for owner-artist  Sherry Willoughby (2017 website)

Photo courtesy of Sherry Willoughby (2017 website)

Work in progress, Sherry Willoughby (2017 website)

2017 photos

Recreation room   ...  
"A wonderful room in the basement is referred to as the Recreation Room on the original plans. Its fireplace is flanked by large daylight windows. Art glass screens conceal them, with Greenstein’s colorful designs back-lit by natural light. The floor is a beautiful pattern of random pieces of marble terrazzo laid in a handsome composition." - Barry A. Muskat, "One Sweet Tudor on Tudor." Buffalo Spree, December 2007 (online July 2017)

Recreation room   ...   Detail #1 - Wine motif

Recreation room   ...   Detail #2

Recreation room   ...   Detail #3

Recreation room stone floor  ...   Detail #4

Fire door   ...   Detail below:

Special thanks to owners Sherry Willoughby and  Jay Bangs for their cooperation and assistance in 2017

Except where noted, photo and their arrangement 2017 Chuck LaChiusa
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