George and Dollie Thorne House
16 Tillinghast Place, Buffalo, NY


See also: Highlights of Buffalo History, 1911


Sears catalog house (along with identical 39 Tillinghast Pl.)




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1 1/2 story Bungalow

Widely overhanging eaves

Grouped (banded)windows

Enclosed partial-width front porch

Enclosed partial-width front porch

East elevation

Onondaga limestone exterior chimney

Rectangular bay with gable roof

1911 newspaper found in a built-in dining room cabinet in the house is evidence that the house was built in 1911

39 Tillinghast, also a Sears catalog house. So, too, are ##42 and 46 Tillinghast

The first transaction listed on the house's Search occurred in 1814 when Wilhelm Willink and others sold property to Elijah Holt. Willink was a member of the Holland Land Co. Main Street was first named Willink Street in the original 1804 village layout by Joseph Ellicott.

Other notables that owned the property include the following:

16 Tillinghast

There is convincing evidence that this was a Sears catalog house that was shipped by train to buffalo.. #39 Tillinghast is a duplicate. See also: Susan M. Pollack, Sears, Roebuck & Company Catalogs

It seems from the Search that the first owners of the house were George and Dollie Thorne. The current owners found a 1911 newspaper in a built-in dining room cabinet and are convinced that the house was built in 1911 or 1912. The Thornes lived in the house from 1912-1925.

Special thanks to current owners Kathy and Mike Christiano for their cooperation and assistance.
Photos and their arrangement © 2004 Chuck LaChiusa
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