Detail - East window over the High Altar

Like the
West window, the focus of the window is the central column topped by the mandorla, symbolizing the door between heaven and earth, in which the Christ figure stands with outstretched hands.

"Mandorla is ... an aureola which surrounds the figures of Christ and the Virgin Mary in traditional Christian art. It is especially used to frame the figure of Christ in Majesty in early medieval and Romanesque art, as well as Byzantine art of the same periods. The term refers to the almond like shape: "mandorla" means almond nut in Italian. In icons of the Eastern Orthodox Church, the mandorla is used to depict sacred moments which transcend time and space, such as the Resurrection [and] Transfiguration." - Wikipedia: Mandorla

Iconography in Art and Architecture: Christ in Mandorla

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