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Master bedroom and Kitchen - Georgian House Museum
7 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, Scotland
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Master bedroom

Basement kitchen

2017 Photos

Master bedroom (Bedchamber)

"It seems to have been a fairly well-established custom in Edinburgh to have the bedchamber on the ground floor overlooking the garden at the back of the home. There is a narrow passage between the dining room and the bedroom. The master bedroom overlooks the rear of the house and  sits directly above the kitchen." - "The Georgian House" brochure distributed at the museum.

Tall-post bed with a canopy, or tester    ...  

"The important bed retains most of its original hangings made during the last quarter of the eighteenth century [1774] for Newliston, in West Lotham. The needlework was by Lady Mary Hog, whose husband, Thomas Hog, built Newliston, designed for him by Robert Adam. The original counterpane [bedspread] had unfortunately perished, but it would undoubtedly have reflected the  design of the canopy. It has been replaced by an early nineteenth century quilted counterpane.

"When the bed was offered to the Trust, the moreen hangings were quite grey, as a result of years of shale mining around Newliston - so much so that the bedposts had been painted grey to match. Taking a calculated risk, it was decided to wash the hangings in Saponaria and, apart from losing the watered effect, they have almost returned to their original colour.

"In 1987 the bed was purchased with the help of [various funds.]"

- "The Georgian House" brochure distributed at the museum.    ...  
Four details below:

Detail #1-   Three urns (acroteria) above tester (canopy)

Detail #2 - Center urn flanked by bellflowers   ...    Ribbons supporting swag  beneath the center urn

Detail #3 -   Pendant bellflowers    ...   Paterae   ...   Palm leaves   ...  Spade foot

Detail #4 -  Pendant bellflowers  hung on a ring decorate the post

The chimneypiece came from Tarvit House near Cupar   ...   Fanned papers are arranged in the hearth when the fire is not lit    ...   Note wallpaper above the mantel (detailed below:)


Fireplace detail:  Bead molding   ...   Foliated panel in frieze   ...   Marble surround

Fireplace detail:  3-petal pendant bellflowers

Escutcheon   ...   Rosettes with bail handle   ...   Carved skirt  with stringing  ...   Casters

Serpentine chest of drawers  is probably Scottish   ...   Escutcheons   ...   Skirt (detailed below:)

SkirtOval marquetry   ...   Thin stringing

Carpet detail - Hexagonal pattern

Basement kitchen

The Kitchen is found at the rear of the basement and has an adjoining scullery, it is well equipped with items which all date back to the Georgian period and have been acquired for the National Trust over the years.

Note wooden plate holder

Comb-back Windsor chair

Basement wine cellar is original   ...   Equipped as it might have appeared at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Photos and their arrangement 2017 Chuck LaChiusa
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