Florence Baptistery - Table of Contents

Florence Baptistery
AKA Florence Baptistry / Baptistery of San Giovanni (St. John) / Baptistry - Duomo

Florence, Italy

The practice of building separate, self-contained baptisteries had already been abandoned in other countries, and its retention in Italy further illustrates the affinity with Late Classical and Early Christian traditions. (The baptisteries at Pisa, Cremona and Parma are of even later construction.)

The interior is covered with white and green marbles as is the outside.

Mosaics: The cupola (dome) is a marvel of Venetian mosaic of the 13th century. They show the Celestial Hierarchies, scenes from the Old Testament, and the Last Judgment

The octagonal interior is divided vertically by the Corinthian columns below and a two light mullioned women's gallery in the part under the dome.

The floor is inlaid and engraved.

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Women's gallery

Roman arches supported by columns with Ionic capitals

The baptismal font is the work of a Pisan sculptor (1371)

Marble sculpture illustrating the baptism of Christ by St. John the Baptist, the patron saint of the Baptistery

Note the Corinthian engaged columns and pilasters


In the center is the large, solemn figure of Christ at Judgment Day - a typical Byzantine design

Celestial Hierarchies, scenes from the Old Testament, and the Last Judgment





Mosaic floor - the signs of the zodiac and designs inspired by oriental textiles(13th century)


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