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  2013  photos
Exterior - Dr. and Mrs. Hubbard A. Foster
3 St. John's Place at Wadsworth Street,  Buffalo NY

C. 1885
Queen Anne, with Stick style gables, including horseshoe-shaped arches
H. H. Little
Jared Hyde Tilden, whose name is cast into each of the four chimney cleanout doors of cast iron in the basement (photo courtesy of the owners).
Jared Hyde Tilden (1828-1902), a prominent builder and contractor.  In addition to building 3 St. John's Place, he also built the First Presbyterian Church, the Red Jacket (also designed by H. H. Little), and the Dun Building
Principal building material:
Brick. Exterior walls are a foot in depth.
First owner:
Dr. and Mrs. Hubbard A. Foster
Second owner:
"Boocock family.  The head of the household was William H. Boocock, a clergyman with the First Presbyterian Church, his wife, Maud, and their sons, Cornelius B., William R., and Philip.  Also living in the home was Maud’s parents, Cornelius and Helen Brett." - Chris Brown, History of the ... Foster House

William H. Boocock: (ca. 1863 - 11 December 1928) Minister of Religious Education (1909- 1922) Probably best remembered as being the “Minister-in-Charge” while Rev. Andrew V.V. Raymond, D.D. was on a leave-of-absence, and for the period of time following Dr. Raymond's untimely death in 1918; he continued to serve in that capacity for the next three years until the arrival of Dr. Buttrick.  His was wife was Maude B. Boocock, she died 3 March 1936; they had three sons, Cornelius Brett; William Robert, who followed into the ministry; and Philip Milledoler Boocock.   He retired in 1922, remaining active in church affairs until his death in Buffalo, NY on 11 December 1928 at the age of 65. - Research by Bruce McCauseland, First Presbyterian Church Historian
1930  owner:
"By 1930, the house had been converted into a two-family house and was owned by Sarah Doxey." - Chris Brown, History of the ... Foster House
2004 owner:
Holly Holdaway

The Foster House is at far right.  Note the Stick style wooden porch.
Photograph courtesy of Christopher N. Brown
Color photographs taken in January 2013

Note First Presbyterian Church at right.
The front porch is not original. Probably altered in the 1940s.
As evidenced by an early photograph in the Buffalo History Museum, the original Stick style wooden porch extended across the front of the house ..... Originally, there was an iron crested parapet on the roof which has a flat surface in the middle of the house. See similar crested roof parapet.
Facade - Attic storey

Door not original. The window opening was enlarged when a fire escape was added, probably when the single family house was converted into a rooming house during the Depression.

Vergeboards and Stick style  horseshoe-shaped arch  ... Medina sandstone belt courses
... Two terra cotta panels

The identity of the terra cotta face is not known, although one possibility is the Foster son, Charlie

Door not original. The window opening was enlarged when a fire escape was added, probably when the single family house was converted into a rooming house during the Depression ... Broken  belt courses and broken terra cotta panel

Tympanum is decorated with applied wooden flowering  scroll acanthus leaves

Facade - First storey

Probably the patient entrance originally.  Dr. Foster, like many doctors at the time, had patient office and examining rooms in his house.

Medina sandstone window sills ... Medina sandstone belt course  functions as window lintels, also.

North elevation (on Wadsworth Street)

Medina sandstone sills ...Terra cotta panel ...  Three brick corbel tables

Side view -  brick corbel tables

Probably the family entrance for the Fosters

Oak double doors

  First Presbyterian Church at right.

Stick style vergeboard, tympanum, jambs

North elevation - rear of house

Clipped gable roof

  Special thanks to current owners Holly Holdaway and Daniel Culross for their assistance in 2013

Photos and their arrangement   Chuck LaChiusa in 2013
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