Fountain Plaza -Table of Contents

Buffalo Savings Bank
/ Goldome / M&T Bank Branch
545 Main Street, Buffalo, NY
Renamed 1 Fountain Plaza, Buffalo, NY


Photograph: 1867 Buffalo Savings Bank  Court House Park

Postcard: 1867 Buffalo Savings Bank  Lafayette Square

Postcard: 1901 Buffalo Savings Bank  545 Main Street

Buffalo Place: Buffalo Savings Bank Reprint from Buffalo Place: Fountain Plaza 

Richard C. Brown and Bob Watson,   Buffalo Savings Bank    Reprint from Buffalo: Lake City in Niagara Land

Hilary Sternberg &  R. Steven Janke, Buffalo Savings Bank   Reprint of Buffalo's Best rack cards


Facade and Neighbors

North Elevation

South Elevation


1983 Addition

2009 - 2 photographs taken from the Hyatt Regency

See also:   Buffalo Savings Bank Painting by Dr. V. Roger Lalli / Narrative by David Rote  (online June 2015)

Photos and their arrangement 2012 Chuck LaChiusa
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