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Downtown Library 2009 - 2010 Noon Hour Lecture Series
"Imagining Buffalo Niagara in the 21st Century"

Presented by: Hon. Paul Dyster, Mayor,
Niagara Falls NY
Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Summary by Dennis Galucki
Niagara Falls has similar assets and problems as Buffalo, it is just a smaller city.

Solutions are also similar:

  • Looking for innovative companies.
  • How can new forms of communications translate to new forms of collaboration?
  • Need to integrate transportation like cars, trains and bicycle paths.
  • Utilizing our fresh water asset.
  • Too many single homes for an emerging elderly population and demographic.
  • Need for adaptive reuse of existing buildings.
  • How to build the tourist economy around 8 million annual visitors?

 Optimistic about our future if rooted in innovation and collaboration.

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