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Exterior - Basilica of San Lorenzo
Florence, Italy

Two earlier churches:
393 - one of several churches that claim to be the oldest in Florence; stood outside the city walls; acted a the city's cathedral (seat of the bishop) for 300 years

1059 - Rebuilt in the Romanesque period, and re-consecrated in 1059.
rebuilt entirely, except for the facade, which was left uncompleted.
Filippo Brunelleschi (brew ne LESS key; died 1446); most famous for designing the Florence Cathedral dome.
Completed by Antonio Manetti after
Brunelleschi's death.
Patrons: Medici family; parish church of the family.
Filippo Brunelleschi commissioned by Giovanni de’ Medici, father of Cosimo the Elder and founder of the Medici dynasty.
Facade design:
Michelangelo Buonarroti, but never built .  (See model below.)
Patron saint:
St. John the Evangelist.
The original church was consecrated by St. Ambrose of Milan and dedicated to San Lorenzo Martire (St. Lawrence) in 393.
The Basilica di San Lorenzo is one of the largest churches of Florence, Italy, situated at the center of the city’s main market district, and the burial place of all the principal members of the Medici family

The correct use of the Corinthian order for the capitals was new and a testament to architect Filippo Brunelleschi’s studies of ancient Roman architecture;  integrated system of column, arches, and entablatures, based on Roman Classical models.

February 2020 photos

Facade - West elevation

West elevation   ...   15th century
Renaissance style   ...   The front entrance is located in the back of the church, opposite the main altar which is always in the east, pointing to Jerusalem    ...   Commission to design the facade given to Michelangelo Buonarroti, but never built

Note six balls - the Medici emblem - on the panels

 Wooden model on display at Casa Buonarroti: a museum in Florence, Italy which was a building owned by the sculptor Michelangelo, which he left to his nephew, Leonardo Buonarroti.      ...

The Medici Pope Leo X gave Michelangelo the commission to design a facade in white Carrara marble in 1518. Michelangelo made a wooden model, which shows how he adjusted the classical proportions of the facade, drawn to scale, after the ideal proportions of the human body, to the greater height of the nave. The work remained unbuilt.

South elevation

Terra cotta-covered  cupola

Medici Chapel:   Lantern   ...   Cupola   ...   Drum

Medici ChapelLantern features double finial and Corinthian columns

Cupola covered with terra cotta round shingles    ...   Dentil molding   ...   Concrete  drum

Note Medici emblem above paneled door   ...   Segmental arch in door surround

Medici emblem  ...   Segmental arch in door surround

East elevation   ...   Medici Chapel   ...   Later addition in Baroque style

East elevation  
...    Medici Chapel  

Photos and their arrangement 2020 Chuck LaChiusa
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